2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

2016 Tacoma Changes

Speaking about the 2016 Toyota Tacoma Redesign, it should be noted the presence of significant alterations. For a long time the design of the cars of this brand has not changed much, but now everything is different. Model 2016 has received a lot of updates, so fans of the brand Toyota have got pleasant surprises.

Major changes have affected the car’s interior. The car has received multiple-way power-adjustable seats, heated seats, leather trim and custom styling, heated steering wheel. The seats are heated and adjustable. The leather is used for the trim.

Based on research that Toyota conducted among fans of this model, the company decided to equip the car with iluminated knobs. Through this and other small things look of 2016 Toyota Tacoma has improved significantly. New model has improved its aerodynamics, so air resistance decreased. For a long time there were not improve the transmission of Toyota Tacoma. New Toyota 2016 has received a modified engine. From installation on the car diesel engine developers decided to refuse, because of the cost of this car would have grown to $ 3,000. But later still, it was decided to make a model with a diesel engine.

The car gets new headlights with daytime running lights, grille became larger, while the chrome edging reduced. The shape of the front bumper has changed but it is still placed round fog lamps. The relief of wheel arches receives a square shape.

As to the rear of the car, the form of lamps is changed, now they are rectangular. On the tailboard is lettering model name. Bumper combines painted in the same color as the car body side sections and a black plastic there between them.

Pickup Toyota Tacoma is a strong, conservative car with space frame bodywork, full or rear wheel drive, independent front suspension on double wishbone and rear axle suspension with a bridge, which is suspended on longitudinal leaf springs, a semi cab Access Cab with two side doors or double cabin Double Cab with four doors, a cargo platform for transportation of cargoes.

Manual transmission is available with a more powerful engine. Among the available equipment is worth to note the launch of the engine by pressing the button; electrically operated sunroof; climate control system, which covers the two zones and automatically maintains the set temperature. Also noteworthy are monitoring blind spots, leather upholstery and a wireless charger for mobile devices.

Tacoma 2016 Redesign


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