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Many people around the world like cars produced by Toyota, and now fans of the brand are interested in particular in 2016 Toyota Prius release date. With this new automobile Japanese developers have outdone themselves. The new model has an elegant interior; immediately noticeable beautiful leather seats, 3- rung steering wheel. The new Prius comes with a GPS tracking system and additional space for those who need more space for luggage or passengers. In the new car can comfortably set down five people.

The Toyota Prius is equipped with a rear suspension and an electric-augmented AWD method, which is essential for the torque to the rear wheels at a decreased speed. One of the main features of the new Toyota is a slimmer design that was done in order to improve the efficiency of the car. With regard to external updates it is worth noting the appearance of the front of the optics with the updated form. Front bumper is also updated, in combination with the headlights it give the car racing and harsh appearance. The new Toyota Prius received new vertical air intakes, which are embedded in the LED running lights. Repeaters of the turns is located on the side mirrors.

Thanks to new materials that are used in the creation of the body the new Prius has lost weight up to 100 kg. The weight of the standard equipped is 1280 kg. In general, we can say that the Prius 2016 is an outstanding automobile.

The driver of 2016 Toyota Prius will spend less money for fuel since the car is equipped with an economical engine of 1.0 or 1.3 liters. There is information display of 4.2 inches which displays information on fuel consumption and battery charge. Atkinson cycle, which has a new model, improves the thermal efficiency of the vehicle due to improving the car’s thermal efficient through adapting a faster combustion process and a high compression ratio. Moreover, in the new car can be installed lithium-ion batteries and it will emit less carbon dioxide.

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Previously, you could hear that the Toyota of third generation will be available before this summer. However, the Japanese company has not yet made an official statement about release date, despite the fact that many journalists wanted to know it. Most likely the release will take place at the end of this year or early next year.

Compared to the previous models price of the new Toyota will be lower. The cost of the base model will be about $ 24,000. For a normal sedan this price is rather good.

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