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Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular models, and the new version of the model is hatchback 2016 Toyota Matrix. The new model is released in conjunction with General Motors, the car has a twin in GM range which is called Pontiac Vibe.

Toyota Matrix is for sale in Canada and Mexico, in the United States selling of it is stopped. Although it is believed that this hatchback is much more popular than the sedan Toyota Corolla. The last big reconstruction of this model was in 2009, with the advent of the tenth generation Corolla. In 2013, Toyota decided not to sell this model in the US, but continue to sell it in Mexico and Canada. In principle, a resident of the US can go to one of these neighboring countries and buy Toyota Matrix, if he so like this model. In the US most likely will be sold other hatchback the same class as the Corolla, which can also get the name Corolla. Probably, it will be a 5-door car.

Attention were paid mainly to design of interior of the new car, emphasis has been placed on comfort. There were used better materials than in finishing of previous models, there are some exciting new high-tech features, for example, a new infotainment system. The base 2016 Toyota Matrix interior remained virtually unchanged, although has become more accurate and modernized. The new car has several features that previous models do not have. For example, you can fold the rear seats and get thus more room for cargo, which certainly is an advantage.

The biggest changes get the back and front of the car. 2016 Toyota Matrix has updated grille that gives to Matrix more interesting look, still changed bumpers and spoiler. Due to the fact that the car has excellent front and rear lights, riding in it becomes a real pleasure!

The first Toyota Matrix was released in 2003 as the Corolla. Mostly the new car intended for young audiences and young people really liked this automobile. Since then, the Matrix has got several changes, were changed the shape of its body and sizes. The most recent version is 2016 Matrix. Even the base model of the new Toyota has a startling technological upgrade. The car gets power window raisers and new mirrors. Cruise control system improves security, and air-conditioner provides comfort of the driver and passengers of the new Toyota Matrix.

The base model has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine capable of developing power up to 132 horsepower. Another model S is available with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine capable of developing 158 horsepower power.

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