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Experts state that 2016 Toyota Highlander most probably will be presented to the world automobile market by the beginning of 2016. Now we give you some info on this brand new car review, peculiarities, and release date.


The 2016 Highlander is a 3-row mid-size SUV. Toyota has recently redesigned this model, when in 2014 Highlander began its 3d generation into manufacture. 2016 model will have definite changes. There will be some extra features and more exterior color variants.


2016 rebranded Toyota Highlander is predominantly roomy, due to 3-row seats. The newest Highlander is designed for eight passengers. They all will definitely take pleasure in the voyage in comfort. The designers also implemented a panoramic roof for a quite thrilling experience. IF there are seven people in the new Toyota, you are able to easily move between the rows.

Toyota 2016 will as well get a fashionable and hard-wearing design beside an influential and resourceful motor. According to all the accessible info, the new 2016 Toyota will be released at the start of 2016. The price of the new Toyota will range from thirty-eight to forty-eight thousand dollars, though for some models it may be different.


The 2016 Toyota will get a couple of powerful motors. The basic motor will have four cylinders with 2700cca. It will make one hundred and eighty-five horsepower. The motor will be joined with the renewed six-speed auto transmission. The 2d motor will suggest V6. It will be able to produce two hundred and seventy horsepower. This powertrain will as well be supplied with equal transmission. If you want to know the fuel consumption, that in the city the new Toyota will have twenty miles per gallon, and in highways –twenty-five miles. Some car experts also report that the 2016 Highlander will unite a V6 engine with an electric engine which might be powered by the special battery.

Release date

Some sources declare that Toyota intends introducing the newest 2016 Toyota Highlander in the SUV range. Accordingly, this prototype final release will take place in the following two years. We can surely wait for the new Highlander to be a next step up from the preceding models, with newest technologies, improved motor line, innovative design and generally superior performance. The 2016 Highlander is projected to enter the USA automobile market during 2016.

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