2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Highlander Hybrid Lease

The brand new seven-seater SUV is not just reasonably priced. 2016 Toyota highlander hybrid as well suggests much more comfort, confidence and affordability in one box without finding the middle ground on the passengers’ security. It is exactly what 2016 Highlander Hybrid proposes. And it is one of the best reasons why its presentation has irritated the interest of many who wish becoming an owner of the newest Toyota Hybrid. And from now millions of car devotees from all over the world look towards to 2016 Toyota hybrid release.


The 2016 Highlander hybrid will have nothing but only the best features. It will propose a perfect mixture of animal power, conservancy and competence. The newest car will be equipped with a perfect 3.5 liter motor. It will also be paired to another three electric engines that will be charged with the help of a plug-in port. These will join for a striking two hundred and eighty units of horsepower.

Even without many inspiring figures, the new Toyota hybrid still manages remaining quite conservative. Experts state the fuel consumption of the renew car in the city will estimate of about twenty six miles per gallon. It will also spend twenty-eight miles per gallon on highways, taking into consideration that this perfect seven-passenger SUV is pretty rock bottom contrast to its colleagues in the same class.


The new Toyota hybrid will have the upgraded look and modern exterior design. In this model grill design will be changed. Now it will have much more brutal appearance and improved airflow. There will also be set the newest daylight LED lights, ten inch wheels, a panoramic moon roof.


Toyota has always cared about power, comfort, and ease of all its cars. The 2016 Toyota Hybrid suggests many new features. Among the most admired ones there are perfect Bluetooth connectivity, LCD screens, and the most modern lane departure alert, leather seats which are both heated and ventilated for the uppermost comfort. Among the other innovated features are lying back third row seats and the roomy and enough leg space that this brand new SUV suggests.

Release date

The 2016 Toyota Hybrid is projected to rock the USA automobile market in the end of autumn 2015. The base model will cost about $47,300. At the same time, Toyota representative have not declared yet, when the new Highlander hybrid will enter other markets of the world.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid Lease

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